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About Nepal

Himalayan Single Track is a partnership between Santosh and Jenny which quickly grew to involve our entire team. The partnership was born through a shared passion for mountain biking and it’s development and promotion in Nepal, the desire to explore the best tracks and trails with cyclists from around the world as well as the need to support local riders. We are also the first company in Nepal to introduce MBLA (Mountain Bike Leaders Award) guide training and use guides certified to international standards and implement risk assessment plans making your adventure with Himalayan Single Track rewarding and safe.

Santosh Rai (Danjit)
Santosh Rai“To me it feels like I have been riding a bike since before I could walk, and I could not imagine my life without two wheels!” Santosh has nine years experience in Professional Mountain Biking in Nepal and Internationally as a guide, in racing and working as a Mechanic. He also has qualifications in Wilderness First Aid, International First Aid Training as well as holding a current MBLA (Mountain Bike Leadership Award) Certificate. Santosh has been working as a professional mountain bike guide in Nepal since 2008.
Jenny Caunt
“It seems like the longest time ago when I first set off to travel this big wide world. Picking up my belongings at a young age, I threw myself blindly into travel, making my way through the continents of South East Asia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America. I have never really returned home to Australia since that time, never for long anyway. I fell in love with Nepal and developed an addiction for mountain biking along the way. My journey still has not ended but for now its place is in Nepal in Himalayan Single Track and on the back of a Mountain Bike with the HST Family.”


Aayman Tamang. Aayman Tamang (Guide) – Small, fun, fast and super friendly, he is quickly becoming one of our most popular guides. At just 20 years old, he is currently one of the top three professional riders in Nepal and knows all the best trails around Kathmandu and in the Annapurna Region. His quick skill with mechanics will also get you out of a fix on the trails. Aayman is someone you will love having as your guide. Aayman is also a member of our Single Track Racing Team. Wilderness First Aid Certificate Holder.

Jevi LimbhuJevi Limbu (Guide) -  Jevi is always smiling, and he is quickly learning to become a great mechanic and mountain bike guide. He is always ready to welcome any visitor into our workshop or to guide you on a day trip around the Kathmandu Valley. Jevi is also a hard working and loves training with the dream of one day being one of the best riders in Nepal. MBLA Certified Guide.

Arun  Karki (All-rounder)-Arun Karki A young passionate mountain biker and lover of Giant Bikes, Arun used to hang out at HST all the time so we asked him to join our team so he could follow his passion for mountain biking and tourism. He is studying hospitality at college as well as working in our workshop and training as a guide.

Himalayan Single Track is proud to be helping young Nepalese build bright futures and become brilliant riders for the future of Mountain Bike Tourism and Sport in Nepal and we could not do this without the support of mountain bike tourists like you choosing to ride with the HST Family. Thank you!

Nepal – Adventure, Mountains, Culture and So Much More……
Nepal is a country blessed with blue skies, awe-inspiring views, vibrant culture and truly beautiful and unforgettable people. Nepal has something to offer for everyone and for us at Himalayan Single Track, Nepal is a country that holds a special place in our hearts because we live here. There is also much more to do in here than just mountain biking. Famous for Mount Everest, climbing and trekking, Nepal has fast pulled itself out of a turbulent political past to rise up as the world’s youngest democracy and with a world of adventure to offer travelers, has firmly stamped itself on the tourism map as one of the best adventure destinations on earth! This Himalayan country has quickly establishing itself as an adventure destination where thrill seekers can indulge themselves in Paragliding, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Canyonning, Jungle Safaris and Bungy Jumping.

The best way to see Nepal is to sign up with Himalayan Single Track and let us get you on the trekking trails, on a mountain bike or in a raft. If that’s not your style, then just relax with us and soak up the pristine mountain environment. We can get you up close and personal with the local people who will steal your heart and live in your memory forever.

Travel Seasons
Nepal has two main seasons for travel. The first is the spring/ summer season which runs from March until the end of May. This is the hottest time of year and also the prettiest as all the wild flowers and Rhododendrons are out in full bloom. It’s a great time for trekking, though views are not always guaranteed and rain showers should be expected. The main season for travel in Nepal is the autumn/winter season which runs from mid September until December. This is the time of year when the skies are the clearest and the weather the driest making for exceptional views and trekking.

Highlights of Nepal
• Trekking – Nepal offers some of the most stunning trekking trails in the world.
• Views – Gob smacking views of Everest and other of the world’s tallest mountains to lush valleys and emerald lakes.
• People – Nepali people like nothing better than to welcome you into their lives, their hearts and their culture.
• Religion – Hindu religion and Buddhist philosophy are practiced throughout this culturally rich country.
• Environmental Diversity – From the arid mountain climate to the lush flat jungle plains.
• Architecture – Kathmandu’s ancient cobbled streets and markets to breathtaking temples and monasteries.
• Adventure – Nepal packs in some of the best adventure activities in the world. Are you ready to take them on?
• Festivals – Nepal as some of the most colorful Hindu and Buddhist festivals on earth, not to mention a lot of them.