Social Responsibility

Empowering Women in Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Tours for Women at Himalayan Single Track2017 has brought some new challenges to HST and some new faces into our team. We have chosen a path that leads to integrating more women into our workforce (Before we had none). The start of the year saw us launch into a British Cycling Supported Mountain Bike Leadership Training Program which allowed us to train the first professional mountain bike guides in Nepal, including 2 women – Usha and Roja. This is the first step into launching our very own line up of Mountain Bike Tours designed for Women and Like Minded Men.

We plan to extend this project in July in conjunction with Ladies Mountain League when we open our Women’s Mountain Bike Library, a place where women can borrow bikes, learn to ride in safety and with the support of other women mountain bikers. This will be the first of its kind in Nepal. We hope this project will be the first step in developing more female riders in Nepal, more participants in races and more Mountain Bike Professional’s in the Industry. A percentage of trip profits goes back into the Mountain Bike Library.

The simple fact of Employing women in this male dominated society is not easy. Read more about our journey here.

Founding Member – Nepal Cyclist’s Ride to Rescue

Himalayan Single Track’s team joined forces with many national riders to become a founding member of NCRR – Nepal Cyclist Ride to Rescue. Playing a huge role in fundraising, aid distribution and the ongoing Seven Schools Project.

On the day of the initial 7.9 magnitude earthquake a group of cyclists were out training for the upcoming National Championship mountain bike race, originally to be held on the 2nd of May 2015 but since cancelled. When the earthquake hit the cyclists were in Chobar approximately 10 kilometers north of Kathmandu.

The initial shock of course stunned the team, however, within moments screams for help could be heard and the team rushed to the aid of those in need. The team dug out a woman and child buried alive using their bare hands. Even as local people shouted for them to stay clear of the dangerous area the team continued on until the woman and child were out and assessed for medical attention. This story was captured by and soon went viral on social media; as a result donations came flooding in to assist with NCRR’s pledge to continue with their rescue and aid efforts.

Those affected by the earthquake, even though uninjured were simply paralyzed with fear. The NCRR team knew that with their connections though racing, cycling, guiding and tour companies they would be able to organize a relief effort that would be able to reach not only the immediate area but also the farthest villages affected by the earthquake that were not receiving aid. More about NCRR.

Being a Local Operator

Quite simply put the biggest contribution we make to Nepal is the simple fact that we are Local. We are a local tour operator training and employing local staff and contributing directly to the local economy. We strive to make a safe and profitable work place for our guides and behind the scenes team. You too can make a social contribution by bypassing the international agents which keep profits off shore and booking Local!