The Team

Himalayan Single Track (HST) is a partnership between Santosh and Jenny which was born through a shared passion for mountain biking and it’s development and promotion in Nepal, along with the desire to explore the best tracks and trails with cyclists from around the world. We also made it our company’s policy to support local riders.

The Business quickly expanded from three bikes in a small shed in 2011 to 11 staff, 50 Hire bikes, a workshop, Giant Bike Shop and Tours office today. Over the years we have expanded the tours and trails we offer and our team are always on the endless search for new and exciting Single Track! At Himalayan Single Track we are always looking for ways to grow and improve our business in responsible tourism, quality, safety and environmental ethics.

We are also the first and only company to date in Nepal to introduce MBLA (Mountain Bike Leaders Award) guide training and use guides certified to standards approved by the British Cycling Association’s guiding scheme and to implement risk assessment plans making your adventure with Himalayan Single Track rewarding and safe.

While they are the founders of Himalayan Single Track, Santosh and Jenny truly believe that our team and guide’s are the true nuts and bolts of the company!

Jenny Caunt
It seems like the longest time ago when I first set off to travel this big wide world. Picking up my belongings at a young age, I threw myself blindly into travel, making my way through the continents of South East Asia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and America. I have never really returned home to Australia since that time, never for long anyway. I fell in love with Nepal and developed an addiction for mountain biking along the way. My journey still has not ended but for now its place is in Nepal in Himalayan Single Track and on the back of a Mountain Bike with the HST Family.” My Style:- Slow and Steady What I Ride:- Liv Pique 1 My Favorite Trails:- Lubra Valley
Santosh Rai
Owner,MTB Guide, Mechanic
I started my adventure as a rafting guide, and later on chose two wheels as a partner. I have been in my mountain biking professionally for last sixteen years(since 2002). For me mountain bike is my teacher, university and everything. Been a racer, mechanic and guide nationally and internationally as well holding MBLA(Mountain Bike Leadership Award). My Style: Downhill, Enduro What I ride: Giant Trance Advanced My favourite Trails: Pikey Peak, East Nepal
Prabin Rai
I was born in the eastern part of Nepal which is one of the remote area of Nepal.I started biking in 2012 and started working at Himalayan Single Track since 2015 as a mechanic. I choose to be a mountain bike guide because I get a chance to meet many people from different countries and feel proud to describe about our Nepali lifestyle and culture to them. My Style:- No Fear. Down Hill, Enduro What I Ride:- Giant Reign 1 My Favorite Trails:- Anything downhill and fast…

Himalayan Single Track is proud to be helping young Nepalese build bright futures and become brilliant riders for the future of Mountain Bike Tourism and Sport in Nepal and we could not do this without the support of mountain bike tourists like you choosing to ride with the HST Family. Thank you!