Nepal For All Seasons

Nepal is a world famous destination for the snow covered peaks of Himalaya and the scared Mount Everest. While everyone knows the best time to come to Nepal is Oct/Nov for the clear air, stunning views and perfect weather, not many people know about the hidden secrets of Nepal’s other seasons. Or the fact that you can travel here all year round.

If you want to avoid the crowds and still enjoy Nepal then think about our other seasons.

Feb to April

Mountain Biking in Nepal at the Himalayan Outdoor Festival


Early Spring is a magnificent time in Nepal. The weather is great, and its also the main season for sporting events like National Championship Races, Himalayan Rush Triathlon, Trail Running Series and Himalayan Outdoor Festival, not to mention Asian Enduro. This makes it a great time to come for a tour and also join up for one of these awesome events. Spring its also the time of the Rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal. The hillsides are vibrant with the color of this wonderful flower. The people are active and happy, coming out of hibernation from the cold of winter.

Upside:- Warmer weather, good views, clean trails

Downside:- Can be a bit dusty in the city, some of the higher areas might be snow affected.

Recommended Trips:- Jomsom Area, Pikey Peak, Annapurna, Upper Mustang

June to August

While the word Monsoon imparts images of rain, mud and clouds into most people, for us it is one of the most beautiful times of the year to come to Nepal. In the low lands, the weather is hot and humid, but high in the mountains it is mild and pleasant. The normally dry and dusty hillside

s are transformed into lush green pastures, bursting with wild flowers. The snow covered mountain tops peak in and out of the monsoon clouds. This is truly a magical time to be in Nepal. The valleys are unimaginable shades of vibrant green. Local people are busy working the fields and the sun is never far away. It actually does not rain consistently, just heavy showers most afternoons and evenings. We don’t know many mountain bikers who don’t love getting muddy!

Julyis also the time of the Kathmandu Kora, which is one of the biggest cycling events in Nepal. In 2018 the event will be held on July 20th

Upside:- Uncrowded trails. Lush green views. No Dust. Get loose on muddy trails and then hand bike your rental bike at the end of the day with no worries about having to clean it!

Downside:- The lower trails can be muddy. Road and flight access can be effected by weather, making getting to the trail heads more of an adventure.

Recommended Trips:- Annapurna, Upper Mustang


If you do not mind the cold, then this is the perfect time to visit. Firstly the winter coincides with most peoples long holidays. Secondly the trails are less crowded. Thirdly the weather is almost always clear and sunny in the days, making for pleasant riding conditions and excellent views. Its also a great chance to get away from the mayhem of Christmas and just enjoy time on your bike.

Upside:- Clear skies and sunny days, empty trails.

Downside:- Its get’s cold at night, so bring somebody to cuddle!

Recommended Trips:- Jomsom Area, Kathmandu to Pokhara, Pikey Peak, Kathmandu Valley

Travelling out of season in Nepal has many rewards. While it can be hard for solo travelers looking to join a group, its ideal for small groups or couples. So come and visit us all year round.

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