Oils Aren’t Oils

Wet, Dry, Wax, Ceramic Which One is Best for Your Bike?
So are you confused about which oil is the best for your bike? Finnish Line produce a range of chain oils suitable to different riding condition and riding needs, let Himalayan Single Track help you out deciding which oil is the right one for you:-

Why Use Oil? Chain oil, now days also referred to as Chain Lube has advanced away from straight oil based substance to variations of synthetic, wax, teflon and ceramic blends. We use Chain Lube on our chains to keep them lubricated and running smooth. A dry chain cases abrasion, wears down fast the cassette and chain rings and does not run smoothly on the bike. A lubed chain runs smoother, prolongs the life of your components and if you use the right lube in the right environment can prevent your chain from “gunking” up!

When to Use: – Basically you should check your chain before every ride, if its dry apply your lube. First you should just wipe down the chain then apply in small drops to the chain while rotating the peddles. If using a wet Lube give your chain a light wipe after applying.

Wet Oil:– Finnish Line’s wet oil is perfect for cross-country riding, its goes on wet and stays on wet. Best used in wet/muddy conditions it coats the chain with a protective film. The down side of this oil is that it can gunk up in dusty conditions due to its absorbing properties and though the application last longer than ceramic, dry or wax lubricants its requires more often cleaning of the chain. Best used for long distances and extreme weather riding … Like Nepal Monsoon!

Dry Oil:- Dry Lube delivers a stronger and drier friction fighting film, attracts less grime, offers better rust protection, runs cleaner, and withstands higher extreme pressures, increasing the time between lube applications! Its milky white appearance lets you visually see where it is, and where it is not. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so thanks to the new color and consistency, you can be sure that every link is properly lubed and protected! This lubricant is perfect for on or off-road riding – especially in dry, dirty, dusty conditions, while providing improved wet weather performance.

Wax Lubricant:- Finish Line’s WAX Lube goes on wet, but dries to a hard, dry, super-slick wax film. No oily greasy film to attract or absorb dust and dirt. This kind of lubricant is the best to protect the lifespan of your chain/cassette/crank rings and also produces a good performance in dry dusty condition. This Lube has to be applied more often than most other forms of Lubricant. The best part of this lube is that it repels dirt and you rarely have to clean your drive chain before re- applying. Perfect for cyclists who value cleanliness over all else.

Ceramic Wax Lubricant:– A wax-based lubricant featuring nano-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. Ceramic WAX creates a coating with an extremely low coefficient of friction. Every time Ceramic WAX is applied, the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants! Ceramic WAX ensures total drive train cleanliness without the ‘distance’ compromise that other wax lubricants require. With Finish Line Ceramic WAX there is no ‘wetness’ or stickiness on your chain or parts, so dirt or grime are not attracted or absorbed by the lubricant. By avoiding abrasive wear, parts run more smoothly and last much longer! Best used on performance bikes and high end drive chains.

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