Mudhku Mountain Bike Trip with Himalayan Single Track

Where in the World is Mudhku?

Mudhku is probably the name most heard and used when it comes to cycling or mountain biking day trips in the Kathmandu Valley. Just where is Mudhku and why does everyone like to go there for day trips?

Mudhku is a small pass on the edge of Kathmandu, 7km from the city center. The climb up is just under 4km on an easy gradient paved road, what we like to call “Nepali Flat”. The road hugs the edge of the Nagargjun National Park, giving the rider fresh air and cool breezes. The atmosphere created by the dense jungle can be mystical at times, with thick fog clouds rolling over the small pass. As the rider climbs the views of the sprawling city open up below. Here we are close to nature at the same time as still being in the city.

Why Mudkhu? The climb is probably the easiest in the valley, the road is paved and the traffic is easy to navigate. Once you get to the top, the trail choice are many. From flowing single track, to fast descents and narrow paddy fields exploits. If that is not your cup of tea, so to speak, there is a nice easy trail that curves around the valley rim. All levels of rider will love a 1 to 3 hour loop in this area.

At the top of the climb there is a lovey local Tea Shop, hidden in a small alley way. Here we find the best Tea in the Valley made with Chia, local cows milk and lashings of sugar. Most travelers who come to Nepal leave with an addiction to this sweet, hot beverage which is indeed the nations favorite time pass – Drinking Chia.

As the ride follows the edge of the valley, we ride in the shadow of Shivapuri National Park. Jeep tracks and walking trails contour us along towards Jhor. Jhor is famous for its fresh doughnuts, and no ride is complete without a visit to the Gentleman Doughnut Shop.

It’s a great escape from the city dust and heat. The local riders love it and you will also. Enjoy our photo story of the ride below with our team riders – Usha Khanal, Kiran Rai and Ujwal Lama

The climb up to Mudhku is what we call “Nepalie Flat”
Even on a wet day, the ride up to Mudkhu is nice and mud free on one of the few perfectly paved roads in Kathmandu
You know you have reached the top of the ‘Nepalie Flat Climb” when you see the haphazard sign that marks your arrival in Mudkhu
Hot, sweet and milky, Chia is the drink of the nation
The urban sprawl of Kathmandu makes a dramatic back drop
The urban sprawl of Kathmandu in the distance reminds us how nice it is to spend a few moments in nature.
Views like this will take your breath away. Looking North from Mudhku
The famous Gentleman’s Doughnut shop and its freshly made doughnuts.
Rice fields with newly planted rice in the monsoon.
The single track can get a bit narrow in places
Yes indeed this is the way to the Mudhku view tower
Many small shrines and temples can be found along this route
Usha Says ” I love this single track”
Getting some good flow
Kiran getting some speed going
This is part of the trail that everyone loves so much


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