FLR – AFX All Mountain Shoes


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The AFX (Aurélien Fontenoy-X) delivers excellent performance, grip and comfort for long rides out on the trail or for grabbing a beer with friends. Its casual look and laid back design will catch anyone’s eye, and even better – it’s more durable than a regular sneaker.

Featuring a low profile design with a quick drying synthetic upper and perforated holes, the AFX improves breathability and cooling for when you ride on warmer days. The AFS outsole offers the rider control and grip for a great flat pedal riding experience with specially engineered STKgrip™ rubber. The sole design and tread pattern were designed for true durability against rugged terrain.

– The AFS Outsole delivers ultimate riding control and grip for a flat pedal shoe.

– We used the latest technology to specially develop the STKgrip™ rubber compound. The sticky rubber surface maximizes pedal contact and pedal power transfer. It is built to be durable against rugged terrain and absorb trail vibrations.

– Special sole design and tread pattern specifically enhances control and securely holds your foot on the pedal, yet allows for release during quick maneuvers

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