Fox 29er 100mm Suspension (Orange)

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Fox 32 Float SC Factory FIT4 Psh-Unlk 100mm 29″ Shiny Orange Kabolt 110 44mm 1.5T 2020: Competition drives innovation, and as cross-country athletes and course designers push the boundaries of lightweight components, 32 Step-Cast rises to meet the demand. A redesigned crown for 2020 increases stiffness to the same level as the Trail-proven 34.

The distinct shape of the lower leg design isn’t just for looks. The 32 Step-Cast (SC) chassis uses a narrow stance to save weight and the step design makes room for the spokes and brake rotor. The 32 SC features 32 mm upper tubes and ample bushing overlap for a quality ride and the hollowed out lower legs provide even more weight savings.

“Factory” says it all. The best-of-the-best technology we have to offer is available in our Factory Series models with our buttery smooth, and ultra durable Genuine Kashima Coat. These products are World Cup proven.

Specs & Information

  • Wheel 29
  • Travel 100mm
  • Air Spring FLOAT
  • Rake 44mm
  • Damper FIT4 Psh-Unlk
  • Axle Options Kabolt 110
  • Upper Tube Kashima
  • Steerer 1.5 Taper
  • Color Shiny Orange


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