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What do you Get When you Pay for a Guide?

What Are You Getting When You Pay for a Guide? Is a question many people ask and its an expense many people think they can get away without paying. It is all too often that people underrate the true value of a guide, not just in mountain biking but in any field when it comes to adventure travel. You should never cut corners with your safety and you should never underestimate the trail conditions in places you are not familiar with. Let’s take a look at what you are paying for when you hire a guide:-

Local Trail Knowledge

The guides ride here every day, Nepal and the Himalaya is their playground allowing them to show you all the secrete trails. They will also know which trails are riding better at the time and which ones to avoid. Mountain Bike Guides generally love to ride so they will certainly have a much better insight into the local trails than you can pick up from a map or GPS. After all you did pay a lot of money to get yourself and your bike to Nepal, so you really should milk it for all its worth!


You are paying a guide to be responsible for your enjoyment, riding experience and your safety. They have better local knowledge when it comes to trails, weather and danger areas and much better judgment on these things. Having a great mountain biking experience is one thing and it’s even better when you come out of it unscathed. In case something does happen, they have the relevant first aid training and connections to get you out.


You are most likely in a totally different world than what you are used to when you travel to Nepal. The guide can help enhance your riding experience by sharing local knowledge about cultural, people and life styles. Cultural interaction can add another dimension to your biking experiences in Nepal.


We all know how much it cost to maintain our own bikes, the guide must do the same. You would not value the skill of a guide on a poorly maintained bike without the proper equipment. You are paying to be led by a professional which means he/she also needs the right equipment.


A guide does not get to his/her position without training and experience. It’s not like you can just buy a book ”The Dummies Guide to Mountain Biking” or something. Guiding is a high risk occupation and its hard work … harder than most people think. Our guides for example go through three phases of training. Beginner Level, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level. On top of that they have to have relevant first aid certificates, mechanic skills and the skills to ride. Not to mention be on top of all the latest industry news and have to invest time to recci trails. So that when you are here you can just enjoy the good stuff.

At the end of a the day you are paying a guide for their expertise in all areas and out of it you are getting a super enhanced mountain biking experience discovering new trails be it in Annapurna, East Nepal or the Everest Region, new cultures and also improving your own skills and you are coming home safely at the end of the day!

You might think its expensive, but, ask yourself this – how much would you pay for the same service and professionalism at home? A lot more than you would in Nepal. So don’t bargain, but do be sure to pay according to skill level and remember to leave a tip if your happy.

Himalayan Single Track Guides did their training with MBLA – WheeliecoolMTB .

Mountain Bike Guides in Nepal

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