Heli biking to Gosikhunda with Himalayan Single Track


Helibiking at Gosikhunda with Himalayan Single Track

Just a stone’s throw away from Kathmandu, Gosikunda is high altitude Lake sacred to Nepalese People. This beautiful body of water is nestled between the rugged peaks of the Langtang Himalaya. The Mountain Bike trails are raw and rugged for skilled intermediate riders to advanced thrill-seekers. Starting on the rim of the Lake and plunging down through the old-growth forest and out into the terraced hills and villages, it is one epic journey.

Along the way, riders can immerse themselves in Himalayan panoramas and breathtaking landscapes. The trails are challenging enough to sate the appetites s of the most adventurous riders. This is a perfect, short add-on to any trip in Nepal.

There are options for single or multi Heli Drops, Heli and shuttle combinations and can also be linked to Langtang Heli drops.

Recommended:- 2 Nights 3 Days


Langtang Valley is one of the best places for Heli Biking. It’s close to Kathmandu, has a beautiful selection of trails, pristine wilderness, and
vibrant culture. Riding is intermediate and above.

The area is dense with alpine and Rhododendron Forests (Flowering in March/April/May) and rich in bird and wildlife. As the Park is protected, human habitation only happens in the Buffer Zone and the main Valley.

The best way to get into the valley, unless you want to hump your bike in, is to Heli. The Heli ride itself is spectacular, flying you over the fertile mid-hills between Kathmandu and Langtang, over the National Park, and between the Himalayan Snow Caps.

There are options for single or multi Heli Drops, Heli and shuttle combinations and can also be linked to Gosikunda Heli drops.

Recommended:- 3 Nights4 Days


Gyu La (La means Pass in Nepali) is situated on the boundary between Upper and Lower Mustang. Towering above both regions at 4044m, this Pass has trail options down to both the North and South. The Heli ride here takes you up the Kaligandaki River which runs through the deepest gorge in the world and right between the Nigiri and Dhaulagiri Mastiffs.

The trails are akin to a high-altitude desert, loose, sandy, and flowy. The views are second to none. Descents of 2500m meters and more can be found here. It is possible to complete the trip from Pokhara to Pokhara in one day, with an Epic 3000m descent from either Gyu La or Throng High Camp. The trip can also be linked with Lower Mustang Trails like Lubra valley or longer journeys into Upper Mustang. Though we do recommend an acclimatization day in Jomsom before doing this trip.

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Recommend:- 1 Nights 2 Days


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