Langtang is a beautiful region to the north of Kathmandu and situated inside the well protected Langtang National Park. The area is dense with alpine and Rhododendron Forests (Flowering in March/April/May) and rich in bird and wildlife. As the Park is protected, human habitation only happens in the Buffer Zone and the main Valley.

Heli Biking in Nepal

Heli Biking in Nepal

Heli Biking is one of the best ways to access some of the most epic high altitude downhill trails in Nepal. We explore the remote wilderness of the Himalayas and boost our adrenaline with some epic descents. 

These trips are for experienced, skilled riders looking for an unforgettable mountain biking experience in Nepal that not only offers epic trails, but lets you get up close and personal with the unique culture and lifestyle of the high himalayas. 

These trips are also great for riders with a shortage of time. We have many trips to choose from and any trip can be customized to suit you and your riding style. You can also contact us for alternative destinations and exciting new trips or just let us know your questions and ideas and we are happy to help.

10 Days
Heli Bike Langtang  Valley and Ride your Bike among the Himalayan Giants of Langtang and Rip some of the best Natural Downhill Trails around. Langtang...
Group Discount
6 Days Extreme
Heli Biking Gosaikunda with Himalayan Single track is perhaps one of the best Enduro Mountain Bike trips in Nepal. 


Nepal is world famous for trekking. There are so many places to trek in Nepal, from the well facilitated, popular trekking routes to extreme, off the beaten track wilderness expeditions. Not only are the views and landscapes impressive, so many people that come to Nepal to Trek, fall in love with the people and culture. Most people think once is not enough when it comes to trekking in Nepal.

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12 Days
Discover the magic of Langtang National Park and the Unique nomadic lifestyle of the yak & cow herders who call it home.