This is where things get EPIC 


Heli Biking trips are the ultimate luxury for accessing endless single tracks and downhill lines in the Himalayas. For small groups with good riding skills, our heli- biking trips are something special. Our guides ride these trails and areas day in, day out, so they can show you the very best trails

Unlimited flowing lines and endless single track, Nepal has the biggest mountains in the world and our guides are riding these mountains day in, day out exploring and finding endless downhill trails. Helicopters take you to places where the cold wind whips prayer flags and misty clouds wrap themselves around Himalayan peaks in the distance. Take a deep breath and reflect on the natural beauty before the adrenaline kicks in as you hit the trails. There is no place like Nepal for this kind of riding.


Pikey Peak is a 4000-meter “hill” summit that commands stunning panoramic views of the Everest Range. While the trails do not go into the Himalayan Region amidst the snow peaks, they rove around the mid-hills and the range of hills just below the main Everest Region, rolling from 2300m to 4200m through ancient Rhododendron and Fur Forests, Spruce covered hilltops and cultivated farmland.


Just a stone’s throw away from Kathmandu, Gosaikunda is a high-altitude Lake sacred to Nepalese People. This beautiful body of water is nestled between the rugged peaks of the Langtang Himalaya. The Mountain Bike trails are raw and rugged for skilled intermediate riders to advanced thrill-seekers. Starting on the rim of the Lake and plunging down through the old-growth forest and out into the terraced hills and villages, it is one epic journey.


This trip is one of a kind trip in Nepal. It features two heli drops onto 2 of Nepals best high altitude trails. The trails are akin to a high-altitude desert, loose, sandy, and flowy. The views are second to none. Descents of 2500m meters and more can be found here. The trip also features the best trails in Lower Mustang Trails like Lubra valley, Dhumba lake and Tinigoan. This will be the trip of a lifetime.


The best way to get into the valley, unless you want to hump your bike in, is to Heli. The Heli ride itself is spectacular, flying you over the fertile mid hills between Kathmandu and Langtang, over the National Park and between the Himalayan Snow Caps. We touch down in Langtang Village and take some time to acclimatize. before embarking on this ride.