Mountain bike day trips in Nepal with Himalayan Single Track

Mountain Bike Day Trips in the Kathmandu Valley

Join our dynamic and fun team on one of our custom made day trips around the Kathmandu Valley. We have rides for every style and level of rider! Make your choice!

XC - Nagarjun National Park Day Trip

Nagarjun MTB Day trip with Himalayan Single Track

The ride kicks off with a short section of traffic roads to the National Park Gate. Enter the jungle and follow the winding jeep trail on its 21 km climb to the top of the second highest ‘hill’ in the Valley. Views are great from the top, take time to rest and explore the small monastery and have a packed lunch. Now the downhill begins, retrace the main trail for 2.2km then head right, deeper into the jungle. From here the single track fun begins with a fast descent, the trail at times can be overgrown with jungle vines, all the more fun. After the single track, 6km of sweeping flat trail takes us out of the jungle and back to the main road at Mudkhu for a tea stop. 

Fitness Level: Hard  Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 to 5 Hours

Enduro - Nagarkot Day Trip

Head to Nagarkot, without a doubt, Nagarkot is the best place to ride Enduro inside the Kathmandu Valley. The trails vary in difficulty and distance, but they are all fun. The tour includes a full-day shuttle, for as much single-track fun as you can handle. The trails run through the jungle and rural rice fields and villages and boast stunning views of the Himalayas. Trail rating would be blue and black, the rider needs some decent skills to enjoy these trails. Nagarkot is an hour drive from HST. It’s best to leave early to avoid the traffic. These trails are not for beginner riders but perfect for intermediate to advanced ones. 

Fitness Level: Intermediate  Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 6 to 7 Hours

Enduro - Shivapuri & Heli Pad

Helipad and Shivapuri Day trip with Himalayan Single Track

Helipad is one of the favorite trails of many local riders. In this ride we shuttle to Dhadagoan and ride the 30 mins of Heaven Trail inside Shivapuri National Park. After the drive we can have some tea in a local shop. We then pedal a little way to the waterfall and have a 6 km wide, flowing trail that heads downwards through the jungle. At the end of this trail we climb on a rocky jeep track for 2.6km to the upper section of the Helipad Trail. This trail descends down a ridge line back into the city. It is very technical and steep in some places. Once reaching Kopan we hit some Urban trails back to the Shop! 

Fitness Level: Intermediate  Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 to 5 Hours

Sightseeing - Nagarkot to Bhaktapur

Nagarkot Day Trip with Himalayan Single Track

Nagarkot is a hill station situated on the valley rim. The drive takes about an hour from Himalayan Single Track. Once reached Nagarkot, we visit the view tower to enjoy the amazing views of the Himalayas. From the view tower, we mostly ride easy trails and roads all the way down to Bhaktapur. It’s about 14km, with some traffic and dust. (There are technical single-track options for those wanting to explore more.) We then enter the ancient city of Bhaktapur and explore the area, have local lunch, and drive back to Kathmandu(40 mins).

Fitness Level: Easy  Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Time: 6 to 7 Hours

XC - The Scar Route (Kakani) Day Trip

Kakani Day Trip with Himalayan Single Track

The ride starts with a one hour drive out of the Valley to Kakani. You can expect awesome mountain views on a clear day. From here we enter the park and have a short but tough climb that may involve some push and carry. Things get exciting as we enter the jungle and the track narrows, 9km of undulating single track drops us out at Gurje Bhanjyang. We ride a further 7 km on flat trails with a few short climbs to get to 30 mins of heaven, a 6km long flowing trail through the Jungle. Again we climb around 2.5km on easy jeep track, before we hit the long descent on rocky trails to Mulkharka. A fast descent takes us to Sundarijal from where we ride back to base. You can drive up or pedal up that is your choice. 

Fitness Level: Hard  Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 to 6 Hours

Enduro - Phulchowki & Bamboo Trail

Enduro MTB Day Trip with Himalayan Single Track

This trail is one of the best new trails in Kathmandu Valley. Made by mountain bikers for mountain bikers, this trail cuts its way from the top of the highest peak in the Kathmandu Valley (2600m) down through the dense jungle and bamboo forests and out into the farm lands. It is a super fun, flowy trail and there are also some wood features and test jumps at the top of the hill. 

Fitness Level: Intermediate  Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 to 5 Hours

Morning Ride - The Hidden City

urban morning ride with Himalayan Single Track

Hidden City is a bliss. Early morning is a great time to enjoy the morning religious rituals, people chanting Bhajans and Mantras and performing Kora,  local people rushing off with their small business baskets, the smell of local Chai, and many more. Kathmandu is a diverse city that is a juxtaposition between the old and the new. While the city looks busy, dusty, and bland on the outside, she has many hidden secrets to divulge to the city explorer. Join HST’s Hidden City ride and discover the hidden temples, Stupas, Local Markets, and backstreets of the city. This ride is a city ride, best taken early in the morning at around 6 am before the traffic gets heavy

Fitness Level: Easy  Skill Level: Confident Beginner
Time: 2 to 3 Hours

XC - Two Cities & Single Tracks

This is a semi urban ride that explores the two cities of Khokhana and Bungamati. These two cities remain like ancient islands above the chaos of the city. They are still trying to cling to their ancient roots. The ride explores the lanes, temples, and town squares of both cities and is linked by a Khulo (Water Channel). We then ride down to Shree Khali temple where we finish our ride. Trail starts in at our office and heads to the Kathmandu university via some  urban trails. We then cross through the city of Kirtipur and then head to Bundamati via Taudha Lake. During the day we get to try some local food and drinks. The total riding distance is around 18km with some uphills and downhills.

Fitness Level: Intermediate Skill Level: Intermediate
Time: 4 to 5 Hours

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