Mountain Bike Day Trips (Kathmandu) 


Enduro is the newest thing hitting the mountain bike scene and we cannot help but think the word “Enduro” was invented for Nepal, because every great downhill trails as an uphill stretch to get to it. So if you love mountain biking and have a spare day in the Valley, let us know and join one of our shuttle assisted mountain biking day trips. We have the right guides and the right gear to make your day a memorable one.


Head to Nagarkot, the home of “Grand Himalayan Enduro Series” held in April every year. The trails here vary in difficulty and distance, but they are all fun. The tour includes a full day shuttle, lunch and is guided by HST’s enduro riders Santosh Rai and Kiran Rai.

The trails zig zag through the forests and terraced farming fields of Nagarkot and there is enough riding here to cover more than just one day trip. Overnight trips are also available 


Shivapuri is the sprawling National Park that hems in the entire Northern section of the Kathmandu Valley. The trails comprise of rolling single tracks, fast down hill sections and some climbing on this ride. We have a short pedaling section of 10 mins of so into the Jungle onto a trail called 30 mins of Heaven. Its a fast flowing single track of about 6 km. After this we climb uphill on a sandy and rocky trail for about 3 km. When then hit the ridge line trail called the Heli Pad that starts of super technical and ends with a nice fast flowing section which includes the big drop called Widow Maker.


Situated on the out-skirts of the city, this is one of only two cable cars in Nepal. It takes about 40mins to drive to the base. Here we travel to top of this 2.5 km long cable car. with our bikes. Take some time to visit the temple here before we embark on our ride.


If you are a regular rider and have come to Nepal for some trekking or other adventure, then make some time to join one of these day trips, you will not regret it.


38km- Moderate Ride, 4 to 6 hours

The ride kicks off with a short section of traffic roads to the National Park Gate. Enter the jungle and follow the winding jeep trail on its 21 km climb to the top of the second highest ‘hill’ in the Valley. Views are great from the top, take time to rest and explore the small monastery and have a packed lunch. Now the downhill begins, retrace the main trail for 3 km then head right, deeper into the jungle, from the army check post there are great views of Manasulu and Ganesh Himal. From here the single track fun begins with a fast descent, the trail at times can be overgrown with jungle vines, all the more fun.


57km – Hard Ride, 5 to 6 hours

One of the most challenging rides in the valley that rewards you with fantastic mountain views on a clear day and around 9 km of single track riding in the dense jungle. The ride starts with a long on road climb of around 27 km to Kakani on a paved road. (We can also provide shuttle for this section). The last 5 km of this climb are quite steep. Stop for rest and lunch in this tiny village and admire the Himalayan views. From here we enter the National Park and have a short but tough climb that may involve some push and carry. Things get exciting as we enter the jungle and the track narrows. Technical riding abounds for the next hour or so with both climbing and descending.


Leaving our Shop, the ride heads northwards following the main road for around 8 km on a steady climb to Bhudanilkhanta. From here, ride up hill for another 8km on a smooth switch back road which climbs through the jungles of Shivapuri National Park. Past the army college the road flattens and you can get great views of both the valley and the Himalaya. The next section we call ‘30 min of heaven’, a sweeping single track in the Jungle with great turns and descents. Re-join the jeep track and climb for a further 3 km before the trail again begins to descend, turn off the main trail for a steep and super technical descent through the villages and the ‘Heli Pad’ … if you can ride it all! Take a late lunch in Bouldanath to fill up empty tummies before returning to Thamel


Got a free day? Then why not grab a bike and join us for one of these relaxed and easy day trips in the Valley. Discover the rich and diverse culture of local people, some fun trails and get a few mountain bike tips from our professional guides.


Kathmandu is a diverse city that is a juxtaposition between the old and the new. While the city looks busy, dust and bland on the outside, she has many hidden secrets to divulge to the city explorer. Join HST’s Hidden City ride and discover the hidden temples, Stupa’s, Markets and backstreets of the city. This ride is a city ride and best taken early morning, around 6 am before it gets to busy. It’s a great time to enjoy the morning religious rituals and local life like tea drinking, exercise and exploring the local markets.


Join our team for this 2 – 3 hour blast around the trails of Northern Kathmandu Valley. This short fun ride explores villages, rice fields and country lanes. Trails can be tailored to suit any level of rider. We ride from 12 km to 25 km and can vary the trail to suit your abilities. Trails are a mix of on and off road and can encounter some dust and traffic. We ride through the suburbs of the city and out into some semi rural farming areas, rural communities and small forests.


This is an urban ride that explores the two cities of Khokhana and Bungamati. These two cities sit like ancient islands above the chaos of the city. They are still trying to cling onto their ancient roots. The ride explores the lanes, temples and town squares of both cities and is linked by a Khulo (Water Channel). We the ride down to Shree Khali temple where we finish our ride. Trail starts in Bhashapti and ends at Shree Khali. During the day we get to try some local food and drinks. Total riding distance is around 12 km with some up and down hills.


Nagarkot is a hill station situated on the valley rim. The drive there takes about an hour. Once there we visit the view tower and hopefully get nice views of the Himalaya. From here we ride mostly easy trails and roads all the way down to Bhaktapur. It’s about 14 km, with some traffic and dust. (There are technical single track options for those that want it). Enter the ancient city of Bhaktapur and explore the area. Have a local lunch and drive the 40 mins back to Kathmandu.