Multi Adventures with Himalayan Single Track

Multi Adventures in Nepal

We believe Nepal is a bonafide paradise for multi adventure tourism. The diverse geography of Nepal, from the high, snow capped peaks of the Himalayas to the lush foothills and the flat plains of the Terai  make the country ripe for an assortment of adventure sports activities. The environment varies from dense jungles, pine forests, terraced rice and barley fields, natural rock walls, waterfalls and raging rivers.If there is a paradise on earth for outdoor adventure, Nepal surely is it.

By joining adventure sports together, the traveler can get an action pack, all round adrenaline filled journey in Nepal, allowing them a broad range of experiences in a short time. 

Nepal is constantly stepping forward in its progress on outdoor adventures and safety. At Himalayan Single Track, we hand pick the best, specialized outdoor operators to partner with for our unique multi adventures, so you can have an excellent adventure and come home safely.

Multi Adventure Tours we Offer

One short trip that covers some of Nepals best adventure sports activities. Hike Bike and Raft Poonhill Multi Adventure, explores...

11 Days

Ride Rope Raft and Rock Climb, This Epic Adventure has it all. It covers some of the best multi-sports adventures...

6 Days

The ultimate multiadventure in Nepal! This Epic Adventure hits the big 3 when it comes to Nepal – Trekking, Mountain...

18 Days

Customized Multi Adventure Tours

Nepal has a host of adventure activities on offer. We are more than happy to customize your multi adventure to suit your needs. Some multi adventures are also suitable for families and we are more than happy to talk to you and help you plan the adventure holiday of your dreams.

Here is what’s on offer in Nepal:-

Paragliding – There are many places in Nepal which are now opening up for this exciting sky sport. Cross country tandem and scenic flights are on offer. Nepal also now has various paragliding schools allowing travelers from around the world to come here and learn the sport.

Rafting – Nepal is home to some pristine rivers which tumble down from the snow peaks and carve their way through gorges and valleys to the flat lands that border with India. There is a good selection of short and long rafting and Kayaking trips on offer here.

Rock Climbing – In the foothills of the Himalayas, one can find plenty of natural rock walls and places for climbing and bouldering.

Tail Running – The trails here for running and fast packing are endless. Just choose the region you want to visit and something can be arranged.

Zip Line/Bungee/ Swings – There are several locations in Nepal where travelers can enjoy the thrill of throwing themselves off of high places.


Multi Adventures in Nepal with Himalayan Single Track