RaceFace Atlas Handle Bars



The Legend is Real

Our Alloy Atlas handlebars are our most popular model because they got everything right. They are made of the strongest material, they’re nice and light, they’re highly tunable, and now, they’re sporting some extra width.

Additional information

Atlas Bars

31.8x785x .5"Rise-Black, 31.8x785x .5"Rise-Blue, 31.8x785x .5"Rise-Monster Green, 31.8x785x .5"Rise-Orange, 31.8x785x .5"Rise-Red, 35x820x20mm Rise-Black, 35x820x20mm Rise-Blue, 35x820x20mm Rise-Gold, 35x820x20mm Rise-Green, 35x820x20mm Rise-Red, 35x820x20mm Rise-Stealth


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