The Road

33 Days

This trip is a journey of epic proportions, from the wild west of Nepal all the way to the rolling tea estates in the east, through the mid hills of the mighty Himalaya.

Covering 1750km with over 40000 meters of climbing and descending, this is a journey for strong riders with a sense of adventure, a love of off the beaten track adventures and a total immersive cultural experience.

The route follows an ancient  trade route that once linked remote villages and is not very often traveled by tourists. One of the best things about this journey is the experience you get by spending time with locals, sharing cups of sweet chia, plates of steaming dhal bhat and glasses of homemade local spirits with them. Listen to the stories that define the characters of these hardy people, learn the subtleties of the different cultures and customs as you journey through different regions and ethnic groups of Nepal.

The landscapes are what you would expect of the himalayan foothills, vast valleys, towering hills and scenic ridge top traversess. Of Course with that comes long climbs and long descents. A lot of the road is paved, some is rough and most of it has very little traffic making this the perfect route to pedal along and lose yourself in the scenic landscape, rich culture and  savoring feeling of being apart from the modern world. 

This trip can be done in one hit or broken up into two or three sections depending on your time and fitness. The entire journey is 29 to 32 days of riding. We can break this journey down into shorter sections. 

You can email us to customize your cycling trip  along “The Road”. We offer 3 version of this ride:-

Fully Supported – We take care of everything, all you need to do is ride your bike.

Bare Bones – Bike HIre, Support Vehicle

An Ebike Adventure

The Road, a guide to cycling across the Nepal Himalayas.

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The Road